When buying

a mining device.

When you buy a device from CryptoSwen.io, we do not take responsibility for how much / how little your device mines. We recommend that you read about each device you buy. If you need help with how to optimize your mining profit, you can contact us for a consultation.


If you have purchased a device from CryptoSwen.io and need help with your device, you can send an email to our support@cryptoswen.io. We respond within 24 hours. We only accept support questions regarding hardware / software issues.


If you are wondering how to place your hotspot miner for the best results, you can contact us for advice. We offer consultation no matter where you bought your hotspot miner.

Helium Hotspot mining

Hotspot setup

Download Helium from the app / play store.

First connect your antenna.

Plug in the supplied power adapter.

Go to the Helium app and select NEBRA.

Scan the QR code on your device.


When connected and scanned you have to sync your device to the helium network. This can take anywhere from 1h to 7 days.

Contact our support if your device has not been synced in 7 days. Support@cryptoswenn.io


Depending on the area you live in determines the type of antenna that suits you best. If you live in a crowded area, an antenna with a lower dbi might fits better then if you live in a more sparsely populated area, a higher dbi antenna can be a better alternative.

Read more here: Cryptoswen.io/antenner


There is an additional charge ($ 40) to register your Hotspot on the helium network. 


Do you want to get the most out of your hotspot mining and want to get in touch with an expert on how to maximize your reward? We at CryptoSwen offer full service from installation to how to place your hotspot for best results. Contact us for more information.


We can help you to improve and maximize your hotspot mining reward. Send us an email to book a appointment for consulation.

Deeper Connect MINI

Deeper Connect Setup

Connect your deeper connect device to the internet.

Plug in the supplied power adapter.

Go to or

Username: admin. Password: admin (this can be changed after logging in)

Create a new wallet or link your existing wallet. (Always save the 12 words for your wallet. If you forget your password, only these 12 words can recreate your wallet)

Good to know

You need 100 credit to start my DPR tokens. You get 1 credit every other day (48 hours) to share at least 10mb bandwith with deeper network. It takes about 4-6 months to achieve 100 credit.

Why deeper network mining?

Deeper Connect units contribute with 7 layers of security to your network which makes it to one of the world's first decentralized and most secure protection against data intrusion. With a Deeper Connect in your network, you can surf secure and be anywhere to the world with their own unique VPN function!


You can stake DPR tokens and get 100 credits instantly. With a higher credit score, you mine more DPR tokens. EXAMPLE: (100 credit = € X, 200 credit = € XX *)


Contact us at contact@cryptoswen.io for consultation.

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