For goods from the regular range whose original packaging or other consumables have not been broken or otherwise damaged or used, Crypto Swen LDA accepts repurchases for 14 days from the invoice date by agreement with the responsible seller. Items where the original packaging has been destroyed or disappeared, components are missing or when the item is used are not repurchased. Repurchases are also not accepted for software whose sealing or sealing (by seal is also meant, for example, serial number) has been broken, for gift cards or for products specially ordered on behalf of the customer.


Right of withdrawal (private consumer)

In accordance with Swedish legislation on consumer protection in the case of distance contracts, private consumers have 14 days (at Crypto Swen14 days, web and store) to withdraw their purchase from the time the customer has received the product. The customer has the right to open and check the product. In cases where impairment has occurred during the opening and inspection of the product, Crypto Swen will charge the customer for this impairment. The right of withdrawal does not apply when the seal / sealing has been broken and specially manufactured products by us. For easier handling, the customer should before the return send a repurchase notification via email with Order number, picture of receipt / invoice and a description of the error / errors. Please note that obtaining a return number does not constitute an approval of the right of withdrawal. Upon return, the return shipping must be paid and with an invoice / delivery note attached and, where applicable, be clearly marked with the return number. The product must be packed in outer packaging approved by Posten (eg corrugated cardboard) and fixed with packing material so that it arrives at Crypto Swen in a safe manner and is not damaged during transport due to defective packaging. If you are unsure of how to package the product, you can watch a video from Postnord. You can find this guide here. You can also notify Crypto Swen of withdrawal of purchase by filling in and mailing the Swedish Consumer Agency's form to us. Receipt of return number does not constitute approval of the right of withdrawal but is only approved when Inet Crypto Swen has received the product and found it submitted in accordance with the above conditions. Upon full approval of the right of withdrawal, the full amount paid by the customer for the product will be refunded, including any costs that apply to the original delivery within 14 days.

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