Why You Should Consider Crypto Mining.

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That the future is already here does not go unnoticed. Over the past five years, technology has plummeted, ranging from cryptocurrencies to robots. But what does this mean for you as a private person and how does it affect your private finances?

Mining cryptocurrencies do not only create an extra income for you but also contribute to a more financially sustainable future for everyone. There are many benefits from mining crypto currencies.

It is inevitable that robots have already taken root in our society. In today's situation, we find express cash registers, robotic lawnmowers and that entire industries have exchanged human labor for robots. It is quite clear that we humans are interchangeable. At least if we look at Elon Musk's statement about robots that will take over "dangerous work" as soon as in 2022.

It is only a matter of time before all labor is replaced by AI and that more and more people will be sidelined, which will affect the entire world economy in the long run. We at Crypto Swen believe in a solution so that an possible economic collapse can be avoided through crypto mining.

Why we believe mining will be the biggest income in the future.

Robots need a secure connection and this is something today's networks cannot guarantee in the same way that Helium $ HNT networks can. Helium's network is not dependent on their entire network being active, it is enough for one device to be active at least 10 km away from another for the network to work. Helium is the foundation of the Internet of Things (IoT) of the future.

Online security is something everyone strives for but which is difficult to achieve in today's situation when the web we use today is controlled by large server halls such as Google.com, ICANN and several other players in the market. With Deeper Network offering 7 layers of security, ad-blocker, anti-virus, block-tracker and blocking-porn to your entire home network and a lifetime DPN.

We notice that several different crypto projects are coming on the market, such as Planet watch, which measures the air quality in your area in order to contribute to a healthier future for everyone. And many more…

With the development of technology, we clearly see that crypto mining is one of the largest sources of income in the future. By providing yourself with a miner, you do not have to worry as much financially regardless of what may happen in the future. With a constant flow of cryptocurrencies to the home, one does not compete as much with today's technological development.

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