Most profitable mining equipment 2021? Crypto Swen recommendation!

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Today's situation, there are several different ways to dig out your own crypto coins. The most common ways are GPU or ASIC but there is also SSD HDD and HOTSPOT mining. The question is which is the most profitable?

You can easily calculate the profitability of your miner via a mining calculator. But I do not recommend that you stare blindly at numbers and take into account that the market moves up and down, daily. Therefore, a mining calculator can show different numbers from day to day.

You can read my post: Start mining at home? This is what you should think about!

What hardware is there for crypto mining equipment?

GPU mining: Gives you free rein to my various coins such as Ethereum (ETH), ripple (XRP) and monero (XRM) and many more. has created a top 10 coin mining list. The advantage of GPU mining is that you can do it with any computer you want. So when you go to bed and do not use the computer, you can download various software that adapts your mining based on what spec you have on your computer.

* Remember that mining wears out your computer!

ASIC mining: Often used to mine Bitcoin (BTC) and Litecoin (LTC) but in today's situation depending on the algorithms you can mine my other coins. Each ASIC machine is programmer to mine unique and specific currency unlike GPU mining where you can choose between different coins.

SSD Mining: The latest mining technology that mines the coin Chia coins. This type of mining is called Proof-of-space. With SSD mining, you only know my Chia coins and are a more environmentally friendly form of mining as it does not draw as much power as GPU and ASIC mining. Even a cheaper alternative! However, there are rumors that you can only mine a short period on each hard drive.

HOTSPOT mining: You get home a router that you connect to this own internet and share your internet with the rest of the network. As a thank you, you will receive Helium (HNS) coins for sharing your internet.

What is most profitable to my 2021 per machine?

#1 HOTSPOT mining

#2 ASIC mining

#3 GPU mining

#4 SSD HDD mining

Before you buy a miner, you should know this:

#Hotspot mining work for everyone!

#Asic works for everyone depending on which machine you buy (check db for each machine, below 35 db it sounds no more than one station computer in the 90's)

#GPU works for everyone but is not profitable if you have the rig at home if you can not set aside an entire room for your rig.

#SSD mining works for everyone but is not profitable as its lifespan is unreliable.

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