Most profitable miner, HS1Plus, AMD RX 5700 XT and RAK hotspot. (Home Mining Equipement)

Updated: Jul 21, 2021

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We have compared HS1Plus, AMD RX 5700 XT and RAK hotspot both technical and a fundamental and this is the results.

This calculation is based on today (21.20.07) at the time of writing. The electrical cost hasn't been deducted as prices vary from place to place.

First place: profit/day, RAK Hotspot miner.

Simple, profitable and flexible.

Coin / day: 9 HNT

Market value: $ 9.63

Total profit / day: $ 87.57

Coingecko: Helium

Pros and cons with hotspot mining.


+ A hotspot miner consumes basically as much electricity as your internet router.

+ As a hobby miner, 1 miner is enough.

+ It's a quiet face that makes no sound.

+ You can upgrade your miner with better antennas that increase mining revenue.

+ Helium is a project that is constantly evolving. Which affects a positive economic development.


- Requires a more advanced strategic infrastructure if you want to expand with more units.

- For maximum mining with several units, it should be at least 300 meters apart.

- That you have to buy antennas to increase your income.

- The design could have been more discreet.

Summary of Rak hotspot.

Overall, I believe that there are no disadvantages when it comes to helium hotspot mining. However, im not satisfied with the design, so i wouldn't put it on the mantle. I personally love Helium's project, which is also the most important aspect of HNT's market value.


Second place: profit/dag, AMD RX 5700 XT

Complicated and expensive.

Coin / day: Nicehash mining converting all mining to BTC bitcoin.

Market value: ???

Total profit / day: $ 2.47

Pros and cons with GPU mining.


+ You can choose what and where you want mine.

+ Plug and play with Nicehash software.


- Graphics cards are expensive.

- Normally short life.

- Complicated for beginners.

- Requires their own mining space.

- Requires expensive ventilation.

- Expensive electricity costs.

Summary of AMD RX 5700 XT

GPU mining is not the most profitable mining if you look at the price of the equipment and the space required to have a profitable mining rig. GPU mining requires fans that sound loud. As a hobby miner, I do not recommend GPU equipment.


Third place: profit/day, HS1-Plus handyminer.

Good project, beginner friendly and easy.

Coin / day: 5 HNS

Market value: $ 0.143539

Total profit / day: $ 0.72

Coingecko: Handshake

Pros and cons with HS1-Plus Handymining.


+ Low Sound.

+ Low electricity costs.

+ Plug and play with handyminer software.

+ Support top level domains on the internet 3.

+ Web3 Support.

+ Long-term project.

+ Beginner friendly

+ Sleek design.

+ Cheap machines.


- Low income.

- Long-term project.

- Complicated usage for web3.

Summary of HS1-Plus

Personally, I like handyminers. The design is good and there is almost no sounds. A machine you can have throughout the home in addition to the bedroom. Handshake's project supports top level domains on web3 which will be relevant within the next 5 years. The advantage of handshakes is that you get into the project early and thus have greater opportunities to both mine more coins and buy the coins cheaply for long-term hold.


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