Mining 2021 Deeper Network (DPR), Deeper connect device.

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

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This is going to be huge, Deeper Network will be the gateway to web3.0 and provide every deeper connect owner with lifetime VPN at the same time you get paid in DPR while contributing to the community. Forget about ASIC and GPU mining, this is the future. Interview with Deeper Network CEO Erik Ma further down. Buy DPR at Hotbit Sign up for our deeper connect miner interestlist

What is deeper network?

Deeper connect is the world's first blockchain-powered secure gateway. Deeper network provides a VPN service that allows you to surf the internet undisturbed and also be able to connect to internet 3.0 without having to change advanced settings in your internet settings. Deeper network mining gives you their DPR coin with a value of € 0.04 at the time of writing. Really cheap compared to what the project are bringing to the table.

How to mine deeper network DPR?

You connect your deeper connect device to your router and to the electrical outlet.

And connect to an IP adress. (there will be a youtube video on this soon)

However, it takes 4 - 6 months before you start mining DPR coins. This is because you need to build up to 100 credits.

  • If, on the other hand, you want to start mine immediately, you can buy 20,000 DPR and stake them, then you get 100 credits immediately, which is needed to start mining.

  • You can stake up to 468,000 DPR and then get 800 credit score.

  • You earn more coins the more you staking.

Second mining way

Genesis node advance miner. The only way to get these miners is via staking DPR.

Silent miner, fits everyone.

Compared to ASIC and GPU mining, deeper connect doesn't sound anything!

So if you live in a apartment this is a perfect miner. Quiet as helium hotspot miners.

How does the credit system work?

You will get 1 credit every second day if you share a minimum of 10MB of bandwidth with the network.

Why mining deeper network?

Deeper network's future looks promising, unlike ASIC & GPU mining, Deeper network adds secure internet use and a gateway to web3. These two factors are among the most important when it comes to the future of Deeper networks. We are right now at the beginning of a whole new online world. Deeper connect is the world's first device that supports VPN and web3. In the future, everyone will need this solution to get out on web3 and just as much for those who want to surf the internet safely.

Save your deeper network reference codes.

A tip from cryptoswen is that when you buy your deeper connect device and stack your coins, you will receive reference codes. These reference codes will be incredibly attractive in the future. In phase 2, you will need these reference links to be able to start mine.

Q&A about deeper network!

Q: Why don't I start mining directly when i get the deeper connect device.

a1: You can start immediately if you stake a minimum of 20,000 DPR

a2: The reason you do not start mine right away is because the developers want to build a strong and reliable network. The two advantages of this are that it supports better economic development for the currency and creates a more secure network.

Q: Is Deeper Network Compatible with Helium?

A: There is a rumor that you should know my helium with DPR. CEO Eric Ma neither confirms nor denies in a youtube interview that helium could be compatible with deeper connect.


Buy DPR at Hotbit

Sign up for our deeper connect miner interestlist

Intervju CEO Deeper Network Erik Ma

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