How to Hotspotmining, what is it? and is it worth it?

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Hotspot mining has become really popular in recent times and it is said to be the people's network. But what does that really mean? And can you make money from it?

How to mine helium.

Installing your helium miner is simple. Unlike other hardware mining, helium machines do not sound anything. And they do not draw as much electricity as bitcoin mining!What you do is to buy a custom-made router that you connect to your internet and a power supply. Download the helium app and scan your router's QR code. It's that simple.

At the time of writing, 1 HNT (helium coin) is worth $ 13.94USDT

What are the benefits of hotspot mining?

In today's situation the helium network are under development. But you can still mine their coin HNT.

In the future, everything will be able to be connected to the helium network and provide you as a user with a safer and more private internet use. Since Helium is a long-range wireless coverage, it means that everyone who joins the helium network will get better coverage. This is incredibly valuable for everyone in the future when it comes to being able to rely on a stable connection. It applies to everyone and everything!

AND YES IT'S WORTH IT! You want to be among the first owners of a hotspot miner in your area? Because if there is to many you won't earn as much as if there is only 3 other hotspot miners in your area.

Pre-order your hotspot miner today and get 10% of with coupon code CRYPTOSWEN

Pre-order your hotspot miner today and get 10% of with coupon code CRYPTOSWEN

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