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Being first has it's benefits! As soon as we heard that miningwaitlist.com was beta testing their website we contacted them immediately. Not just for the collaboration but also to gain the benefits of being first in.

Some will call this cheating but it's no cheating to make life easier. Miningwaitlist.com

First in, served first. They say.

Mining Waitlist's vision is to be able to give you as a consumer a better and more comfortable experience when it comes to buying new mining equipment. So instead of having to search the internet for the best devices, Mining Waitlist will do this for you so that you do not have to sit and update yourself all the time when releasing.

Discounts and offers! What does this mean?

There are 3 different subscriptions you can choose between, basic, VIP and VIP PRO.

Basic is FREE and gives you a 7-day lead before anyone else. And what this means is that you as a subscriber find out a whole week before a new unit is available for sale.

This alone is a huge advantage. During the conversation with the project manager, Mining Waitlist hinted that giveaways may be a part of their marketing strategy. But it was not mentioned if it applied to everyone or if it will be limited to VIP PRO subscription. With the idea of pricing in mind, it seems most logical that this only applies to VIP PRO. Either way, getting priority to buy mining equipment and the opportunity to get free units is more than I expected.

MiningWaitlist future?

With the idea that it is in principle impossible to get a mine in the current situation, a waiting list is given. I personally believe that everything in the future will go via waiting lists. So the sooner you get in the greater benefits you will get.

According to the project manager, they are currently working on developing a reference system where you can ask people to sign up and that you can make money on those who sign up and buy their own mining units.

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